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Property Value Protection.

With LAOWAI, the protection of real estate assets and the cross-border optimisation of your real estate structures is made easy.

With the LAOWAI protection mechanism, real estate assets can be secured against the planned property tax. Our protection mechanism is interesting for

  • Private households in Germany with real estate assets of at least 250,000 euros
  • People who want to secure their real estate assets against government access in the form of forced mortgages

LAOWAI accompanies you through the entire process – from property valuation to implementation of the protective mechanism, including protection against future increases in value.

Effectively protect real estate from forced mortgages.

The forced mortgage is expressly listed as a tax in the Basic Law (GG) in Article 106, Paragraph 1, No. 5. And it will affect everyone due to the fact that property obliges. Otherwise, the required trillion euros cannot be collected through the new real estate tax.

The German Bundestag has already determined the exceptional state stipulated in the Basic Law as a mandatory prerequisite for a property levy in the context of exceeding the permitted credit limit in accordance with Art. 115 GG as follows:

“The corona pandemic represents an extraordinary emergency situation that is beyond the control of the state and has a considerable negative impact on the state’s financial position.”

In exceptional emergency situations, the state regularly takes measures to stabilize its own finances. In addition to tax increases, capital controls, and the dreaded gold ban, these measures also include forced mortgages. In Germany, compulsory mortgages were used as early as 1923 (house interest tax) and 1952 (burden equalisation law) to improve state finances. Because nothing is easier to tax than real estate.

With the LAOWAI protection mechanism for private households, you protect your real estate assets against a potential loss of 50%.

Property Value Protection